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2022 Chandler Horizon Rotary Hole-in-One Shootout


After 28 years, the 2022 Chandler Horizon Rotary Club Hole-in-One Shootout will have a different look because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Since COVID-19 has not been brought under control, for the safety of our golfers and volunteers we are forced to make some changes in the format of the shootout.

Like last year, it will be a one-day event held on Sunday, February 27th, men, and women will compete together rather than in separate contests, all contestants start in the qualifying round from 100 yards, the ten closest shots in this round move to the shootout from 100 yards with the closest shot winning $1,000. (should there be a tie, the prize will be split)

You know the dual purpose of this event, provide for those in need in Chandler and surrounding communities, and competing in a fun golf event.  With that in mind, please read the details below of how we might achieve both goals.

We will miss much of the camaraderie we have had in past events, but we hope you will understand and support our modified presentation.  Please focus on what the poor and needy in our area are likely going through in this thing called a “pandemic”.  Your $25 or greater donation will make a positive difference to these beneficiaries we serve!


Chandler Horizon Rotary 2022 Golf Shootout

Must be an amateur golfer age 18 or older.

Donate $25 or more, which must be received by us on or before February 22nd, 2022.  Click here for a secure online payment link, or you may send a check to the address below.  If you decide to mail to our P. O. Box, you will not be entered if your check is not in our box on or before February 22nd.


Each $25 donation you make will give you a shot in the qualifying round.  If a $50 donation, then two shots and two tickets, and so on.


If your donation totals $100, you will have five shots in the qualifying event and two entries in the 50/50 ball drop event, a $20 value. (Each $100 you donate will give you five shots and two ball drop tickets)


Finals event:  The ten closest shots in the qualifying round will advance to the finals event.  In the finals, the closest to the pin, whether it is a hole-in-one or not, will win $1000.00 (In case of a tie, the prize will be split).


The event will be held at the San Marcos Golf Course, Chandler, AZ on Sunday February 27th.  Both the qualifying round and the finals shootout will be staged from approximately 100 yards.  The qualifying round will begin at 12:00 p.m.  The next event will be the ball drop followed by the finals event where $1,000 will be paid out.


CDC and San Marcos Golf Course safety guidelines will be followed.


No practice shots are allowed, except, practice balls may be purchased from the San Marcos.

Extra ball drop tickets, click

Can’t attend? Make a donation, click


If you have questions, please email us at and include your contact information.  Our mailing address is Chandler Horizon Rotary Foundation, P. O. Box 6173, Chandler, AZ 85246.


Amateur golfers only age 18 and over!

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