Over eight qualifying days contestants hit from approximately 100 yards to qualify for the $100,000 shootout while competing for over $10,000 in daily prizes. Daily prizes are awarded to the six closest shots on each of eight qualifying days, making a total of 48 prizes. The prizes are posted at the event near the driving range at the San Marcos Golf Course. Shots are purchased from the Rotary club for $1.00 per shot, we furnish the balls. There is no limit on the number of shots you can purchase, credit cards are accepted. All proceeds, after expenses, go to charity.


On the 9th day, the qualifiers from the eight days will hit from 155 yards, approximately, for one of three cash prizes.  If the closest to the pin is a hole in one, the payout is $100,000, second closest $2,500,

third $1,000.  If there is no hole-in-one, then closest gets a check for $5,000, second $2,500, third $1,000. There is also a women's only shootout for $20,000 for a hole-in-one. If there is no hole-in-one, a consolation prize of $500 will be paid to the golfer with the shot closest to the pin.  This will be the 28th year of the event at the San Marcos Golf Course. During that time the Chandler Horizon Rotary club has donated over $700,000 to various charities in Chandler and surrounding communities.


The finals will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday February 28th, 2021.


For further information about the contest, please see other pages on this website.


The club holds their weekly meetings from 6:50 until 8:00 a.m. Wednesdays in the room North of the San Marcos Golf Course pro-shop, for more information about the club see


P.S.  On each qualifying day shots that land within 30” of the pin that are not a hole-in-one or the daily 1st prize closest to the pin winning shot will receive an entry into the SEMI-FINAL SHOOTOUT on the ninth day.  The closest shots in that event from approximately 100 yards will be drafted into the finals. (the number of golfers advancing to the finals will be announced prior to the event)


Amateur golfers only age 18 and over!

Qualifying Shots

$1 per Ball

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